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Wrong Jewelry Used!

Just a Word about your choice of places to get pierced. 

There is a place in town. where some foolish people go, because he is doing nipples
 cheaper than our studio. So people, not realizing their piercer does not know 
what the proper gauge is for nipple piercings. By not knowing this, they go ahead and
get them done only because of the cost and they don't know the harm that it causes 
later. He uses a 16 gauge curved barbell that is meant for eyebrow piercing. 
He is suppose to use 14 gauge no less and straight bar not curved, because if not the jewellry will either grow into the nipple, beads and all, or reject it by migration.
 I personally have seen so many botch jobs he has done, where the jewelry actually grows into the nipple, and sometimes has to be removed  by surgury. 
I had to post this because I am getting tired of seeing the damage he has caused on the young ladies in this city.
 Cheap is not the way to when it involves the body!

 So Beware, ask what gauge he is going to use, and if it is 16 gauge, then walk away.
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