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Body Piercing with Stud Guns piercing is a risk factor for the acquisition of blood borne infections such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or HIV.   Infection control precautions must be followed to protect both personal service workers and clients.
Ear piercing guns should not be used in any body piercing procedures,
 for two reasons. First, piercing guns cannot be properly cleaned and sterilized. Second, the guns will crush the tissue that is pierced, it doesn't cut a hole, this causes trauma to the body, tripling the healing time.

An appropriate method of body piercing involves passing a sterile, hollow needle through the body part which cuts a small hole, followed by the insertion of the jewelry in the hole which fills the hole perfectly causing little or no blood, and most important, no trauma to the body.

Depending on the location of the piercing site, healing time may vary, and could be lengthy.

When performing body piercing, the following should be done BEFORE a procedure begins:

Only prepackaged, pre-sterilized single use needles are to be used.
An approved sharps container must be available.
An autoclave or dry heat sterilizer is required for sterilization of equipment. 
Spore Tests are to be conducted by-weekly and a log of your Sterilization Times and details must be kept.
Only indelible ink (gentian violet) on a wooden tooth pick can be used for marking piercing sites.
A skin disinfectant, such as 70% isopropyl alcohol must be available for use on the piercing site, prior to piercing.
For mouth piercing, rinse with an anti-bacterial, alcohol free mouth rinse prior to piercing.
The piercer must wash his/her hands, and a new pair of disposable gloves must be worn for each new client.
Only sterile pakaged jewellery suitable for the piercing site may be used.

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