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Special Notes

 This studio has a no nonsence policy.

  1. This means that if you are in my chair and act childish or jump around grabbing at the needle or my hands, you will be ask to leave and be ban from our store forever.
  2. If you demand that a friend accompany you into the piercing ares, which is  strictly  not allowed  you will be asked to leave. (exceptions are made for nipples & genitalia.)
  3. If you bring your phone in to show me pictures of piercings you want. This has to be done in the waiting room prier to you entering the pierce area.
  4.  Phones are not allowed in the piercing area.
  5. Once you are in the piercing room in the chair, and I have everything open ready to start, then you suddenly change your mind, you will be charged $20.
  6. Have your mind made up when the piercer comes to get you. All I ask is for you to let me do my job as I have been trained to do.
  7. Also we can not use your jewelry to pierce with. It is not sterile and our insurance won't allow it. Sorry!

If these few rules seem too harsh for you, then go somewhere else!
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