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Removal Aftercare


After the removal process is completed, Wait (4) hours before you remove the bandage, clean it again with a mild soap and water, pat dry and put a liberal amount of ointment ( not cream) on it with a thick layer of gauze. Leave this second bandage on for at least (12) but no longer than (15) hours.

After the specified time, remove the bandage, clean with mild soap and water and let it air dry. Air is the best thing to help it heal, so do try not to keep it covered unless absolutely necessary.

DON’T put anymore ointments of any kind while it is in the scab stages. It’s also not necessary to bandage it. While a scab is still on it, keep it out of chlorine pools, salt water & hot tubs.
This should take about 10-15 days.

Washing with a mild soap and water 3-5 times daily helps to promote rapid healing. When the scab comes off it will look like any fresh wound, a medium to dark pink and then gradually fading to a light white patch which could take from 3-5 months. The white patch could take up to several years to return to the surrounding skin color.

If any tattoo is still seen after the scab comes off, it will appear to be bright in color and then eventually become less & less noticeable over the next 90 days. At which time, AND NOT BEFORE, a follow-up attempt can be made. While the skin is maturing and becoming thicker the tattoo remnant becomes less noticeable. Also over the next (90) days small particles continue to work themselves out when you work and sweat.

After entire scab is off, "DON’T" put anything on it except soap and water as you normally bath for at least one week. Then you may use any skin care product that you like, once every other 
day as long as it don’t irritate it. If it does, wash it off with soap and water, discontinue it and try it again in a week or so. Also, after the scab comes off, cover it when you’re going to be in the direct sunlight for ½ hour or longer, or use a #15 sun screen or higher.

REMEMBER, don’t even use the sun screen for at least one week after the scab comes off! Do this for at least (60) days, then you can gradually get it back into the sun using lighter sun screen.

**NOTE: " PREMATURE SUN EXPOSURE" (in the direct sun for ½ hour or longer unprotected) can cause darkening of the skin!


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