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It has been brought to my attention that other shops in our area have started copying me by holding a type of training course at their shop. But be warned, there are no other people in the area as qualified as I am, to train in this profession, I have the papers to prove it.
Flesh Ideas In Piercings ( a division of Tattoo Art) has a Piercer Trainer Course that offers you access to the most up-to-date techniques and safety information. All study materials and teaching aids have been specifically developed and selected to maximize your learning experience.

Instruction by :George W. Lewis of Tattoo Art & More!

A fully-qualified professional body Piercer for over 38 years. You deserve to learn from fully trained and experienced Piercers. We do not believe it is ethical to have students taught by people with only self taught marginal experience themselves. The five-day course is conducted on the premises of Tattoo Art & More, 19 Weber St. E. Kitchener Ontario during the hours previously agreed upon by yourself and our staff. We believe that a student should be trained on sight for the best possible experience. With us you will learn the actual in's and out's of a fully operational shop as they occur. And most important, you have people not only working with you but helping you along with comments and to answer your questions.The first two days of the course presents intensive health and safety information tailored for piercers of all skill levels including:

o Sterilization equipment and techniques
o Disease transmission prevention
o Sterility awareness
o Basic piercing first aid
o Appropriate Jewellery selection
o Aftercare and troubleshooting information
o Beginning piercing technique
o Ethics, personal limitations, and appropriate bedside manner.

The class prepares novice piercers to begin their learning process without risk to their health, or that of their clients or co-workers. The technical and hygienic skills learned in this training are put into practical use during the last three days of the course. The last three days of the course will begin with a detailed anatomical survey of popular piercing locations. From there, the course concentrates on eight of the most common piercings (earlobe, ear cartilage, eyebrow, nostril, lip, tongue, female and male nipple, and navel), utilizing demonstrations, practicing on rubber body parts, and guided practice to develop the safest, most efficient techniques used for all piercings. Attendees will perform body piercings, under the direct supervision of a fully trained Piercer of Flesh Ideas In Piercing , first on rubber body parts, then on actual client who has previously volunteered. (Preferably one friend or your own). 
No one can honestly call himself or herself a "professional body Piercer" after a few days or even months of training, even if that training is by Flesh Ideas In Piercing. We make NO unrealistic promises. What we will provide, is all the information and knowledge we have learned in over 38 years of business. Information you need to begin to pierce under an informed apprenticeship. You must provide the time and experience required to perfect your craft.
Each attendee completing our course will receive a certificate of attendance to be displayed on the wall of their Studio.
Each attendee will also receive all tools necessary to perform the eight Piercings mentioned, a set of tapers and receiving tubes, our Guide to Professional Piercing written and illustrated by George Lewis, 
Each attendee will be required to sign an agreement not to open up in competition against Tattoo Art & More or Flesh Ideas in Piercing within a 50-mile radius of Tattoo Art & More (Flesh Ideas In Piercing) for a period of two years.
It is neither legal, nor is it ethical, to issue a certificate of completion, or any misleading endorsement of the attendee's skills. Those who recognize Tattoo Art & Tattoo Art & More already know of our 38 Years of Practice and high standards of professionalism, will realize the value of this certificate.

**********Look below to see what you get in your Starter Kit.***********

  • 1 pair- Foresters
  • 1 pair- Penningtons
  • 1 pair- Ring Closers
  • 1 pair- Ring Openers
  • 1 pair- Forceps
  • 1 set of Receiving Tubes 8g, 6g, 4g, 2g.
  • 1 set of Tapers 18g to 00g.
  • 1 Plastic Gauge Wheel 18g to 1"
  • 1 Booklet illustrated and written by George Lewis
  • 1 poster of all Ear Piercings
  • 1 sheet of the setup procedure for each of the 8 Piercings.
  • 1 sheet explaining aftercare.
  • 1 blank waiver (can be edited to suit)
  • 1 deploma of attendance. ( sample on the right)
  • This sample is not the actual one you receive.
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