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I hear there are all kinds of rumors that I am retiring next year. Well it was a thought but I decided by multiple requests, to stay working. 
 I will stay as long as my clients need me. So put your mind at ease, I will be here for a few years yet.
This is the daith Piercing
Everyone is talking about.
 It helps with the saverity of Migrains
and it really works!!
Hi, I'm George Lewis originally from Windham Centre, Ontario. I have been practicing tattooing and piercing for over 37 years. I originally studied the art of Body Modification back in 1975 with a pioneer in the Body Modification by the name of Doug Malloy (Richard Simonton) who passed away in 1979. I studied with Fakir Musafar as well. I didn't really get into doing piercings right away until I had been Tattooing for 5 years. We then brought the piercing into the business as an added feature, because it was becoming very popular with the young croud. For the first 10 years piercing climbed in popularity in leaps and bounds and was quite an addition to our business. I have been asked to do talk shows for example, Morning Magazine in Kitchener with host Betty Thomson, Also I was on The Johnny Walters Show in 1988, they filmed in my studio while I Tattooed their cameraman. I have been asked to do many lectures in schools and Medical Establishments. We have had newspaper articles written about us,  we have won the Peoples Choice Awards for the last 4 Years in a row, making ours the most sought after Studio in our area. We are recommended by some of the doctors in our area, and the Medical centers here, send everyone to us to have their jewellery removed for surgery. We are the highest recommended Studio in the KW area. I had trained extensively in the Piercing & the Human Anatomy in the late 70's in order to give my clients the best possible service . I have now Mastered the Piercing and have obtained the professional training that is required, and have the knowledge and hands on experience to be fully qualified to pierce any body part that you desire, even if it has never been done before. I have refered to myself many times as a Master Piercer, which in all reality there is no such term, but I feel that with 40 years of experience and I have mastered all piercing that exist and some that were recently discovered, that I deserve the right to say I am a Master at what I do. By studying the Human Anatomy I now know the underlying dangers of blood vessels and muscles that most self-made piercers are not aware of. This day and age there are more and more non-professional so called Piercers & Tattooist, all self taught, that you really have to do some research before you end up with a botch job. There is more to this profession than meets the eye, and in most cases, if your visiting the wrong Studio, which is more likely than not, it is easier to get a bad piercing or tattoo than a good one. The world has become saturated with tattoo and piercing studios and it has become harder to find the good ones. Because the new comers don't know yet what it takes to run a fully functional and sterile studio.We at Tattoo Art & More, only charge what we need to get to make a living, maintain a sterile condition at all times, and use only the best equipment and jewelry available, to continue to maintain these conditions. I have been a Piercing Instructor for the last 10 years and offer hands on training here at my Studio for a reasonable fee. And I will match my skills against any other Piercer any time. It's up to you to make sure you know what your doing, and whose hands you are placing your life in! Make no mistake, in spite of what you think, all piercers and tattooists are not equal or trained properly, it's just the blind leading the blind. This is the reason why I have studied this profession so extensively, so that I can maintain the quality of work our clients are used to. Ask around and do some research before making a mistake, make the intelligent choice and go where your friends and others recommend, to Tattoo Art & Ink Sensations, don't let money cloud your judgment.

Your body and your life, has to be worth more than that!

What we do that no other Studio does, is offer free guidence and products to clear up bumps that may occur and free ajustment jewelry (if there is a problem with swelling) until you are healed. We also give everyone a lollypop after their piercing, unless it was a mouth piercing. Make the intelligent choice and try our services, you won't regret it.   CLICK HERE to enter my Piercing Gallery or  CLICK HERE to enter my Adult Gallery.

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