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Myths & lies

Myths & Lies

There Isn't Just One.

Too often I hear about a Piercer making the claim that their methods are not only the best, but the only acceptable way of doing a piercing. They claim that if they do the piercing, it has to be done their expert way or it will never heal. If that Piercer doesn't want to do it, it's because, as he/she says, 

"It willl paralyze you or worse, kill you."
"You have to do it in the right gauge, or it won't heal"
"You have to use the right kind of jewellery or it will reject"
"If you pierce in some places, you will bleed to death"
"If you pierce in the wrong place, you will be paralyzed or worse, die"

I personally have heard things that have been said in my area such as:

" If you pierce the tragus, you will get asthma"
" If you have a third vein in your tongue, you can't be pierced"
These piercings will not paralyze you.

There aren't surface nerves with the capacity to do this, if there were, you could pinch your ear or tongue and you would pass out or collapse. Yeah, I know you have heard about someone, or you go to school with someone who says she had it happen to her/him. But they didn't. It Doesn't matter what you do, you're not going to cause any serious damage from a little piercing like this. The human body just isn't that badly designed, nor are there nerves close enough to the surface to cause any paralysis. The Paralysis nerves are inside the spinal column out of danger.

Any tongue can be pierced.

Too often I hear of piercers telling someone they can't have their tongue pierced because they have a third vein, or they can't stick their tongue out far enough because your tongue tied. There's nothing wrong with admitting you can't do a certain piercing, but don't lie and say it's dangerous. A tongue with extra veins CAN be pierced, but it takes careful placement. A short tongue (well, one that's held inside the mouth by the frenulum that goes right out to the tip) CAN be pierced, but it's not easy, and takes a talented well experienced Piercer. I personally have pierced every single person that has asked me to, and have not found this so-called third vein. Nor have I ever had to turn away someone who was tongue tied. I have pierced every body part you can name, and have never pearlized anyone.

Large Vs. Small:

They both work! Some piercers would have you believe that the only way to get acceptable healing from a piercing is to pierce it in a large gauge, mind you they do seem to heal quicker. Another Piercer would tell you that's asking for problems, and to pierce it small after awhile you can always stretch it. But I say why pay twice for the same thing. The thing is, both ways are equally as good. You, as a client, should be most concerned with getting what YOU want. Not everyone wants a Monster ring, and not everyone wants a dainty one. Either way, it's your piercer's responsibility to find out what you want, and give you what you want as simple and safe as possible.

Surface Piercing:

There's probably more debate and arguments started over the right way to do a surface piercing, than any other type of piercing. Many will tell you that properly formed surface bars are the only way to make them heal and prevent migration. While it's true that surface bars are an excellent method and have less migration, they're not the only method. That's one of the points that you need to understand about piercing---there's never just one proper way. Some Piercers go even farther and make the statement that surface piercings shouldn't be done at all, they're too risky, dangerous, and/or don't heal. They're not risky. A worse case scenario, you will have a small rejection scar, and while some don't heal, most others do. As long as the client is informed as to the issues involved, have fun with it. Or now here are alternatives, Dermal Anchors which are more stable in the skin, once they become anchored into the skin they are very stable. I have clints that have had them for years and had no problem with them. Anyway, I could go on and on about the trash talk I have heard in the last 30 years, and have discovered most of the fear generated by the bullshit surrounding piercing. Even coming from professionals, who have no real piercing knowledge. For example, (self-taught tattoo artists & piercers, doctors, friends, and parents,) are the first to offer bad information. Feel free to ask Tattoo Art any questions, even if you think they're dumb questions. And please for your sake, stay clear of the places offering exceptionally cheap tattoos and piercings, and or working long hours. That should tell you right there, they are desperate and would go to great lengths to get unsuspecting victims, also possibly cutting corners in the sterilization or re-using their needles. Remember if you have a $10 body then by all means go to those places. Or make the Intelligent choice and come see our Piercer George Lewis, who has an excellent bedside matter that can't be beat, making him world renowned. Once you get a pierce from him, you will never go anywhere else and you will want to tell all your friends. And I guarantee you will be more than satisfied.

Note: It has been brought to my attention that one of the shops in my area are warning ladies that genital piercings are not allowed to be done by piercers in Ontario any more. This lie is being told to you ladies because at this shop they have no formal training in piercing. And rather than send you to a more qualified piercer, he just tells a fat lie and tries to scare you off.

Do some research first before you listen to such crap!

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