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Bump Control

This Product is all natural and has been supplied exclusively by our studio. If you have that anoying bump on your piercing, this product has seemed to
 work for most to lessen the size of the bump. The bump is descused on our  Whats that Bump on my Piercing page. This oil works for Keloids only.
 Apply it twice a day until the product or bump is gone, Rince it off at bedtime. Don't use a Q-tip just your finger after it has been washed. Dark skin people
 are prone to Keloids, so this product might not work for you. GOOD LUCK!

Are excess scar tissue growth formed as a callous by the body to protect the piercing from uncomfortable friction. Piercees with more skin pigment may be at a slightly higher risk of developing keloids, but if the piercing is well cared for, the risk will diminish. These bumps are more common with nipple, ear cartilage, navel, oral, and some genital piercings. They can be difficult to get rid of, so it's best to avoid circumstances that encourage keloid development.

Keloids Are Usually Caused By: 

Tight, restrictive, or rough clothing that rubs against the piercing.

Inappropriate jewellery thickness, diameter, or style.

Poor placement of the piercing ( too deep, too shallow, or crooked.)

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